21 March 2010

In which I give you an in-depth analysis of my weekly schedule..

Okay, Okay, before you get crazy out there in your rolly chairs, let me just fill you in on my insanely hectic schedule right now, okay? Mondays I have art club right after school, an hour to eat dinner and do my homework and softball 'til 8. Tuesdays I have percussion ensemble until freaking FIVE O' CLOCK and then I have to go to my sister's softball games (where there is no internet connection!), wednesdays I have writers' club 'til five and then a meeting with my organizational tutor (because I'm a lazy ass not only in updating my blog, but also in homework - make you feel any better?) and thursdays I have figure skating and then double header softball games, and then on Friday's, somehow I manage to have a social life, and I actually do stuff that's more important than your viewing needs, so HAH. Yeah... anybody else out there got schedule that hectic??? That's right.. I think NOT.

Anyways, I've got some reviews of Wicked by Gregory Magure and one you probably haven't heard of, How to Say Goodbye in Robot by Natalie Standiford, which made me cry like CRAZY, so... fun.