31 January 2010

21st century soap box lectures...

You know what really pisses me off? When teenage girls spend a bunch of time taking pictures of themselves.... You know, like when they purse their lips, do funky things with their arms, and aim the camera down their cleavage? yeah... those pictures... It's like, you're not fooling anyone, girls, no matter what your subtitles may say, we all know you're self-posessed and care way too much about your physical appearance. Why don't you guys take all that time you spend taking pictures of yourself and instead spend it doing things to better yourself - I think you're more likely to get a boyfriend that way, and he's probably going to treat you a lot better than any boy who'd date you because of the cleavage shots you have on your facebook page. Okay?

30 January 2010

Side Effects by Amy Goldman Koss

gets 3 out of 5 stars... Although it wasn't any great piece of literary art to rave home about, it was cute, funny, and refreshing. The grave topic of fatal diseases has been in the media a lot lately, with movies like "Extraordinary Measures" and "My Sister's Keeper" topping the box office chart, but what's refreshing about this book is the stubborn, irreverant, humorous voice of Izzy, a sharp contrast to the tearjerker dramas we're used to. Izzy is an 8th grader who's used to the low of her day being P.E. - not chemo. When she's diagnosed with Lymphoma, she fights it with the fierceness that is typically Izzy. She knows very well that the Lymphoma is not going to kill her - but why doesn't anyone else seem to believe that? And why don't they have any joke books about cancer? Or at least ones that don't make you cry?
Yeah, so good book... I'd recommend it.

In other news, it's snowing like crazy here, and I'm stuck inside with nothing better to do than blog, play guitar, and eat chocolate, because the snow is like, all screwed up, and you can't have a snowball fight, because it would be like throwing rocks... so..whatever.

29 January 2010

In which I randomly list things I enjoy

Harry Potter (It's just so... AAAGGGH... and I mean... AAAGGGHHH... And the writing is just... AAAGGGHHH)
Doc Martens (The most beautiful and comfortable combat boots on the face of the planet, which happen to go with everything I wear)
Rainy Days (Because you have a viable excuse to stay inside and sit on your ass all day, making random lists of things you like)
yellow (It's just the best color ever... and the title of a decent Coldplay song)
Tutus (I mean, seriously. Why don't more people wear tutus - they are the BEST CLOTHING ITEM EVER!)
Leo Tolstoy (ANNA KARENINA!!!!!!)
Gay People (I went out to dinner with my friend last night, and there was like this gay people sitting at the table next to us.. and they were wearing matching square-framed glasses and one of them had this giant hot pink scarf thing wrapped around his neck and spoken in the most feminine voice I have ever heard a male manage... and they were just SO ADORABLE!)
The Perks of Being a Wallflower (Every person on the face of the planet should read this book! I read it, and I cried the whole time - not because it was sad, but becase everything Charlie felt was just so...... TRUE.... and maybe I was PMSing, too, but it was a freaking GOOD book!)
Manhattan (Ah, Ah AAAAHHHH!! I wanna go there right now, and buy cupcakes at Jefferson Market and go the Alice in Wonderland statue in central park, and stare at the adorable gay couples walking around in Chelsea and eat a giant piece of pizza folded in half....)
G-2 pilot pens (I used to despise pens, because I just couldn't draw with them the way I could pencils.. but now... Oh NOW....)
Eleanor Roosevelt ("Do something every day that scares you")

Quoting Toy Story

Hey, kiddos! I don't know if any of you knew this, but I've had another blog, devoted to reviewing books I've reqad, called "Book a Day from the Bookworm" (lame name, I know, but shut up), and I post on it about as oftten as I post on this blog (basically, not often)... ANYWAYS, I've decided to combine the blogs, so that maybe out of the two of them, my blog postings will be just slightly more frequent.

So, for my first, Book a Day-type posting, I am reviewing James Patterson's Breakfast at Tiffany's, which gets 2 out of 5 stars. SO....Cute concept, although mostly formalic, unfulfilling, and rather Twilight-esque. Jane is a thirty-year-old woman, still hung up over her childhood imaginary friend, and allowing her boyfriend and controlling mother to boss her around. She really wasn't much of a likable character, with her constant self-depricating narration and her general patheticness. The only original concept was the whole "imaginary friend" thing - other than that, it felt like Twilight all over again, what with the whole I-don't-deserve-you-because-I'm-a-fat-clutz-and-you're-perfect and the oh-my-gosh-you're-finally-mortal-I-can-love-you-now crap. It also had that lovey-dovey stuff about how they'll never love anyone else even if they life forever. I don't think I would recommend it. This was my first James Patterson (seeing as I'm lazy and have yet to get around to reading the Maximum Ride series like all my friends have told me to), and I was rather disappointed.

In other news, I am totally and completetly addicted to the blog Style Rookie (tavi-thenewgirlintown.blogspot.com). It is a totally and completely amazing style blog, but I would most certainly recommend it to EVERYONE, because it's just THAT amazing, and I know that you'll enjoy it even if you don't know who the hell Chanel is (in which case you are an UNCULTURED SWINE!) So... yeah :D

24 January 2010

Reasons Our Educational System Suck:

1. They don't pay teachers enough. Seriously. My teachers should get paid MILLIONS of dollars for having to deal with being responsible for educating a bunch of adolescent punks who don't care about their grades, but instead, they get paid something around twenty bucks an hour. That's what people who work at the GROCERY STORE get paid!

2. The kids who are barely holding on to the course curriculum are in the same classes as people who are pulling their hair out from boredom. This is SO wrong! The students who are behind continuously build up a massive inferiority complex, and the advanced students have to wait five years to learn anything! It's a no-win situation!

3. You don't have any variety. If you want to do something (like band, for instance), then that's ALL you get to do, and you have to stick with it for the rest of your public school career. So, since I'M in band, I can't just decide to do Art next year, because I would have had to do it as a prerequisite.

I would love for America to just go towards the whole European school system, where they start sorting kids into the "college" and "vocational" tracks at an early age, because it seems to work for them, but it's just kind of sad, you know? What about those kids who are put on the vocational track at eleven, and then they decide later when their sense of self has increased, that they want to college - well they can't! They're stuck! It's just a no-win situation, you know?

22 January 2010

My new addiction... Polyvore

*sniffle sniffle*

My poor blog... It's in such a decrepit state of disrepair that I don't know how I will ever give it enough love to feel accepted ever again. It's been over a year since I started this blog, and yet, there are only fourteen posts. Ah, how I miss the days when I had amusing-only-to-me thoughts to write down. But now my mind is filled only with an excessive to-do list that makes me cringe when I think about it, and a few dead flies and bits of fluff (Harry Potter reference, anyone?). And I suppose my thoughts on how I have no thoughts are really about as much compensation as broccolli to a child wishing for a lollipop, but it is all the love I have to give, poor blessed blog.