22 February 2011


Something that annoys me is people thinking they're unique because of the bands they like or the clothing stores they shop at. Everyone is unique, and certainly your taste in music and clothing can be indicative of your personal style, and therefore be an expression of your individuality, but they shouldn't be your source of identity, or you're screwed. If I ask "who are you?" and all you can tell me is that your favorite color is black, you shop at hot topic, and you label yourself as "goth", you haven't told me anything about who you are as a person (besides telling me two things that are a dichotomy - would true "goth"s really shop at a chain in a mall? I think not).

10 February 2011

Blogs I Love

Diary of A Vintage Girl

I love this blog!! Her outfits are always so inspirational and amazing and I love the little tutorials she has on how to do forties hair. I also love her circle of friends and all of their "vintage" get-togethers!!

Another really awesome fashion blog. The stuff she wears is always giving me ideas for stuff to do with my own wardrobe. Plus, the photos are amazing! :D

This blog has everything... Recipes, fifty billion different kinds of craft projects, pictures of gravestones, and more. But what I really love are her journals. I make journals like these, too (I call mine scrapbooks, actually, but whatever) and I thought it was really awesome to find someone who did them, too, and get inspiration from hers. 

I must say, I'm a little biased, seeing as this is written by one my best friends, but I can honestly say I have laughed out loud at every single thing she's ever posted. 

I bought a tutu in freshman year, and I gotta into fashion after realizing I was too much of a coward to actually wear it to school. I stumbled upon this awesome blog, and was totally inspired by the ballsy outfits this girl even younger than I, Tavi Gevinson, wore. In short, I ended up wearing the tutu to school, found an awesome blog,  and totally got into the whole street style thing. 

Seriously. She drew these. Before I found this blog, I considered putting some of my own drawings up, and then I saw these, and realized how much my drawings resemble toddler scribbles. 

Another fashion blog that gives me tons of outfit inspiration! This blog and the Stylish Wanderer make me wish I lived in L.A. just so I could go to the Fairfax flea market they're always talking about... :D

I gotta three day beard and I don't plan to shave :D

Another snow day today. It's all good, though, because it's melting fast and it's actually pretty sunny out. I'm in a pretty good mood, been listening to some good ol' happy country music, thinking about the kind of person I want to be and how I want to get there. I'm starting to realize that I don't need all the things I used to think I needed to be happy. I'm not going to achieve happiness by having an Ivy League diploma, living in a big city, or having everyone know my name. I'm not going to give up on working as hard as I can to have those opportunities, but I don't need them. Good music, happy people, trees, and books are really all I need. 

06 February 2011

Wish list

I really need to get a job...
1. Beaded Geometry Bag from Anthropologie

2. Simple Compositions Blouse in Moss from Anthropologie

3. All Star Slim Slip in Parchment from Converse
4. Yuma Cardigan from Anthropologie

5. Belted Jacket with hood in Insignia Blue from Mossimo Supply Co. (Target)

6. Simple Compositions Blouse in Gold from Anthropologie

7. Super Shiny lip gloss in Juicy Peach from Burt's Bees
8. Margarita Sock in Loden Heather from Smartwool

9. Solid Perfume in Meringue from Simpatico

10. 993 Running Shoes from New Balance

We're looking for something dumb to do

Went to a cute place to eat last night. It's an old home that's been converted to a restaurant and it's only open when they have live music, which is about three or four times a week. It's usually some form of bluegrass or country.

They have stuff all over the walls and underneath the tabletops. It kind of reminds me of my room. 

(I did not take these pictures)
I love living in a small southern town where places like this exist. And where 90% of the population owns a guitar and a pair of cowboy boots. 

In other news, I went driving for the first time today in the mall parking lot with my mom. Let's just say her stomach's probably a little sore... :D

05 February 2011

Whenever you smile

Chill Saturday at home. I have rediscovered a couple of books I bought for the purpose of looking at the pictures. The first one is called Maripolarama, a book I picked up at a used Book Store in Dallas a couple years ago. It's a series of old, artsy polaroids by a woman named Maripol. Unfortunately, my scanner is broken, so I can't show you the pages of the book at the moment, but here's a photo I found of a gallery of her photos. They're so awesome!!! lovelovelove

The second is the living solo book, distributed by Ikea. For this one, I couldn't even find anything from it online, so you'll just have to wait for my scanner to be fixed!! But for now, you can look at these beautiful pictures of Ikea rooms!