29 April 2009

I'm writing a book!

Yes, this will most likely amount to nothing, as I have only three chapters written, and that happens to be like a record for me, because I often get some really awesome idea and then start writing and then after like a few pages I get really bored... but whatever. Because suess what the name of my book is!? Day in the life of a freak!!! That's right. I decided to write a semi-autobiographical book about a freak similar to myself!!! I, personally, think that the three chapters that I have actually written are almost mediocre, too, so check it out!!! Here's the link: http://www.writerscafe.org/writing/hermionebookworm/401906/
And it would be totally awesome if you (five nonexistent) guys could review it!!! Just leave them as comments or whatever, and if, magically, I happen to get a response, I pinky promise that I will jump up and dance!!! :)

The new title of my blog: "Sorry I haven't posted... I digress"

*flinches from flying vegetables* Yeah, yeah, I know I haven't written on this thing in like two months, because I've been super busy (I mean, seriously. I've got softball practice mondays, TWO HOURS of percussion at the high school and my sister's softball games on tuesday, percussion practice at MY school on wednesday, creative writing club and softball games on thursdays, and the fun RESUMES on friday and through the weekend with various festivals and appointments. I hardly have time to BREATHE!) But, anyway, I have most of today to do nothing, because I didn't feel like going on the field trip. (Actually, I just never turned in the permission slip, but saying "I didn't feel like it" sounds better). Plus, this is one of the few websites I actually have access to through the school. But anyway, I'm posting, aren't I? Not that I really need to say sorry for not posting, because really, how many people read this? I supposedly have five followers, but seeing as four of those five people are pretty much obligated to follow this blog (as they are related to me and/ or are my friends), five doesn't really amount to anything. Oh my gosh... I just realized that nearly all of my blogs start with that same introductory paragraph (you know, "I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while"... digresses into something that has little relevancy). I have absolutely no originality!!! I should just retitle the name of this blog "Sorry I haven't posted.... I digress" or something like that. I mean, seriously.