29 April 2009

I'm writing a book!

Yes, this will most likely amount to nothing, as I have only three chapters written, and that happens to be like a record for me, because I often get some really awesome idea and then start writing and then after like a few pages I get really bored... but whatever. Because suess what the name of my book is!? Day in the life of a freak!!! That's right. I decided to write a semi-autobiographical book about a freak similar to myself!!! I, personally, think that the three chapters that I have actually written are almost mediocre, too, so check it out!!! Here's the link: http://www.writerscafe.org/writing/hermionebookworm/401906/
And it would be totally awesome if you (five nonexistent) guys could review it!!! Just leave them as comments or whatever, and if, magically, I happen to get a response, I pinky promise that I will jump up and dance!!! :)

1 comment:

  1. I'm gonna leave a comment for each chapter here, k? Great.

    1: LOOOOOOVE the description of the stupid girls!!!! Love love love love love love love love love love love love love it so much you have NO idea. well... ok i guess u do. but still!!! THANK YOU for writing it!!!

    2:Do you really think like that? Like, with the panic (not panick) attacks and Wal-Mart thoughts? Interesting... makes for a good plotline!

    3: YOU HAVEN'T PUBLISHED IT! Hop to it!

    And I'm expecting to see that jumping and dancing on Monday. :-)