19 December 2008

Exams are OVER!

exam- (n) A cruel and unusual form of punishment in which students are forced sit in a classroom for 3 hours, taking a test that covers materials which haven't been covered (i.e. our MATH exam!)

Why do we even have to take exams anyway? What is their purpose? I mean, we already have state standardized tests to make sure we're learning everything we're supposed to, so who knows what the heck is the purpose of a mid-term, huh? Well... do ya, punk?

I mean, exams are such a prominent part of our lives that they have hundred-year-old traditions that go with them. For instance, Harvard's primal scream. That's Right. They run around naked, screaming right after winter exams. I swear, I think taking exams at the most difficult school in the country must have some effect on their frontal lobe, because no sane person I know would do that. (although I must admit, many of the people I know aren't sane)

18 December 2008

Reasons Our Educational System Suck:

1. They don't pay teachers enough. Seriously. My teachers should get paid MILLIONS of dollars for having to deal with being responsible for educating a bunch of adolescent punks who don't care about their grades, but instead, they get paid something around twenty bucks an hour. That's what people who work at the GROCERY STORE get paid!

2. The kids who are barely holding on to the course curriculum are in the same classes as people who are pulling their hair out from boredom. This is SO wrong! The students who are behind continuously build up a massive inferiority complex, and the advanced students have to wait five years to learn anything! It's a no-win situation!

3. You don't have any variety. If you want to do something (like band, for instance), then that's ALL you get to do, and you have to stick with it for the rest of your public school career. So, since I'M in band, I can't just decide to do Art next year, because I would have had to do it as a prerequisite.

I would love for America to just go towards the whole European school system, where they start sorting kids into the "college" and "vocational" tracks at an early age, because it seems to work for them, but it's just kind of sad, you know? What about those kids who are put on the vocational track at eleven, and then they decide later when their sense of self has increased, that they want to college - well they can't! They're stuck! It's just a no-win situation, you know?

I have a lethal weapon!

Yes. This lethal weapon is also known as a "blog". Unfortunately, the people who thought of "blogs" did not think of people like me. Because know I can use this blog to write every bizarre thought that I feel like sharing with the (zero) people who will read this! Mwahahahahaha!