17 May 2010

Deep Cheese

It's exam time right now, and there's only THREE AND A HALF DAYS OF SCHOOL LEFT. Isn't it kind of crazy to believe that my very first post ever on this blog was about exams? Except they were winter exams, and I published a picture of Harvard's Primal Scream that apparently came up as 100% pornography on my friend's website blogger - isn't that lovely? Anyways, It's wierd to believe that my freshman year has completely passed me by, and with only like five posts for the entire school year? Crazy, huh? I keep seeing this quote by Mark Twain, I believe, something like "Twenty years from now, you'll be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did." As the year is wrapping up for me right now, and I'm thinking of all the opportunities that I didn't take, this quote is totally striking a tune. I know that fear of taking risks is something all generations as teenagers probably experienced, but to me, this trait seems magnified in our generation, because of the environment in which we are being raised. Experiencing life through escapism is the driver for our society right now, when you think about it. Television, video games, social networking, texting, the internet - all methods of escapism we use to experience things without having to take real-life risks or deal with their real consequences. For so long, people in support of all these forms of technology have claimed that they support and promote our social skills, but aren't they really hindering them?