19 May 2010

Holy crap, I just realized this!!! RECURRING THEME in my POSTS, MUCH!?!?!?!?!? HELLO, FREAKY

Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

Guys, this book made me cry. I know this seems to happen a lot with the books I review, but seriously. It's so... I guess "ironically prophetic" as my english teacher would say. It kind of depressed me how right-on Ray Bradybury was in guessing where our society was going fifty-seven years ago. Because it's not exactly a happy guess. seeing as it's this futuristic society where people burn books, because they OFFEND people, and it started out because people didn't WANT to read (Sound FAMILIAR, idiots in my sixth period class?)!!! And just the way people would rather watch their plotlesss non-offensive TV shows and listen to their "seashells" (basically earbuds, except Ray Bradbury didn't have those in 1953, he just happened to take a GUESS at their existence - I know, FREAKY - and he had to come up with a name for them) was so true to what I see today, walking through the halls of my school. What's really wierd to me is that I really do think that Ray Bradbury understood what he was saying - I don't think he just took a lucky guess; I think he was really just perceptive enough to anticipate this kind of evolution within our soceity. Ray Bradbury, if you just HAPPEN to SOMEHOW be reading this blog among the billions of other ones that exist at SOMEHOW the right time to come across this post,
(Oh and please please please don't be mad at me for my improper use of the English language, kaythanks)