21 February 2009

******** High School, HERE I COME!!!!

And I'm so excited!!!!! And I'm also scared about being in classes with the freaky people with excessive facial hair!!!! (and yes, I am fully aware that the people reading my blog already know me, and probably aren't going to be able to stalk me based on where I go to high school, but as my family is very strict about publishing personal information on the internet, I'm not supposed to tell you that I go to ******** high school :P)

Okay, so as strange as it may seem that they're putting us through all of these meetings and assemblies about high school SEVEN MONTHS before we even GET to high school, we are in the midst of high school registration, and I am so pumped for next school year! (See! they've got me all excited, but now I have to WAIT seven months!)

19 February 2009

The person sitting next to me is an idiot

The person sitting next to me, Tim, is a perverted chauvanistic idiot. The fact that he "doesn't hate women; loves women" is simply evidence of what an idiot he is. My stomach is also growling, and my back is killing me because I've spent the last week doing back strength exercises for drumline next year - in which I will carry a fifty-five pound instrument by a metal strap on my back - often for hours at a time. The fact that the person next to me is saying that I won't get onto the drumline because there has never been a girl to get onto the drumline is even FURTHER proof that he is a chauvanistic idiot.

14 February 2009

Pretty In Pink is Amazing

And not just because the main character happens to share my first name. I also LOVE Duckie... he's like the best character in the entire movie. And I think the scene where he's singing and dancing in the record store along to "Try a little tenderness" is the BEST scene in the entire movie... possibly even in Movie history (actually, I take that back. The scene where Heath Ledger sings along to Frankie Valli in 10 Things I Hate About You is the best scene in movie history... Does anyone else see a recurring theme here? I love movies where guys sing)
I do happen to agree with "Princess Mia", however, about how the dress Molly Ringwald wears to the prom kind of looks like a sack, but it was still a good scene, so I can get over that.
Anyway, my 4 followers, You need to go see this movie. As I said in the title of this blog, Pretty In Pink is Amazing.

13 February 2009

Happy Singles Awareness Day!

The Top Five Reasons I HATE Valentine's Day

1. It's an excuse for all the big commercial companies to feed off of the impulses of Americans by urging them to spend tons of money on chocolate and flowers and jewelry
2. Lovey Dovey Mushy couples making googly eyes at each other make me want to puke!! So those of you (yes.. I'm aware that there are only a whopping 4 people who follow my blog... one of which I happen to know is married, because she's my mother, but anyway) out there who have a significant other need to be sympathetic to those of us who are SINGLE on Valentine's Day!
3. It's almost impossible to find any junk food that isn't pumped with gobs of artificial food coloring for the entire month of February
4. There was this fundraiser at our school where people would "dedicate" a song to another person (of course they had to pick from a list of only, like, FIVE songs, which sucks) and this teacher at our school SANG and DANCED to "My Girl" by the Temptations during lunch to the entire Eighth Grade. And, see, when other people do embarrassing things to themselves, it makes me feel really uncomfortable, so you can imagine...
5. My two least favorite colors (pink and purple) are everywhere

05 February 2009

I've been humbled

Jeez. Weeks have gone by and still.... nothing too talk about....
OOH! Wait!! You know that "MASH" thing that I talked about a few weeks back? Well, I just got back from serving my first MASH. That's right. The great freak herself got assigned to MASH. Well, I think I'll spear you all that deep, spiritual crap about how it has changed my life and the way that I see the world... But it WAS probably one of the most humbling moments of my life, you know, being shoved in with all the other rejects of my school. Yeah.