19 February 2009

The person sitting next to me is an idiot

The person sitting next to me, Tim, is a perverted chauvanistic idiot. The fact that he "doesn't hate women; loves women" is simply evidence of what an idiot he is. My stomach is also growling, and my back is killing me because I've spent the last week doing back strength exercises for drumline next year - in which I will carry a fifty-five pound instrument by a metal strap on my back - often for hours at a time. The fact that the person next to me is saying that I won't get onto the drumline because there has never been a girl to get onto the drumline is even FURTHER proof that he is a chauvanistic idiot.


  1. Who is the idiot? (ts ok to say, only ur friends read this anyway. and if people read this who arent ur friends, then they dont live here, so it cant hurt, can it?)

  2. and he already knows that it was him, because he was reading over my shoulder