21 February 2009

******** High School, HERE I COME!!!!

And I'm so excited!!!!! And I'm also scared about being in classes with the freaky people with excessive facial hair!!!! (and yes, I am fully aware that the people reading my blog already know me, and probably aren't going to be able to stalk me based on where I go to high school, but as my family is very strict about publishing personal information on the internet, I'm not supposed to tell you that I go to ******** high school :P)

Okay, so as strange as it may seem that they're putting us through all of these meetings and assemblies about high school SEVEN MONTHS before we even GET to high school, we are in the midst of high school registration, and I am so pumped for next school year! (See! they've got me all excited, but now I have to WAIT seven months!)

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