10 March 2009

oW... I hurt all over

Wow... I just come to the halting, eye-opening, enlightening, stunning, overwhelming, astonishing, mind-altering, breathtaking, staggering, overpowering (don't you just love my command of the english language?) realization that I am incredibly out of shape. In fact, i'm so out of shape, that drumming for too long hurts my wrists. That's right; practicing the drums for two straight, intense hours has somehow made me sweat. And now, because not only because of the drumline thingie at the high school, but also softball practice, EVERY SINGLE MUSCLE IN MY BODY ACHES. I am in so much pain right now, that it has taken me half an hour to type this, because my the muscles in my wrist hurt so much. So the next time you're thinking about how horribly out of shape YOU are, just think back to the poor little freak, sweating away while practicing on a 12" rubber drum pad.

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