10 March 2009


So I'm sitting here, supposed to be working on my math homework, and instead, I feel the urge to complain about how much Algebra sucks. Because it does. It really sucks. I know maybe a couple people who are reading this might disagree with me, because, I don't know, they're just little people who have already taken Algebra and feel the need to let it go to their head and rub it in my face, even though they can't really do that, unless they comment on my post, which they probably wouldn't do, because I am taking the time to point out that to do that would be arrogant and idiotic, so, unless someone feels the urge to comment on my post purely to contradict me, which i don't think they will, because really? the only people who read this are my mom and a couple of my friends, and this girl from like, California, or something, who i don't know and probably isn't going to read this post because they probably just read this thing once and added it to their subscriptions thingie and never looked at it again, because they thought it was too time-consuming, and they're probably not so happy because I don't appreciate my anonymous fans the way, say, my friend Johnny Cash (you know who i'm talking about) does and WOW... Again with the stupid digressing thing!!!!!

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