19 December 2008

Exams are OVER!

exam- (n) A cruel and unusual form of punishment in which students are forced sit in a classroom for 3 hours, taking a test that covers materials which haven't been covered (i.e. our MATH exam!)

Why do we even have to take exams anyway? What is their purpose? I mean, we already have state standardized tests to make sure we're learning everything we're supposed to, so who knows what the heck is the purpose of a mid-term, huh? Well... do ya, punk?

I mean, exams are such a prominent part of our lives that they have hundred-year-old traditions that go with them. For instance, Harvard's primal scream. That's Right. They run around naked, screaming right after winter exams. I swear, I think taking exams at the most difficult school in the country must have some effect on their frontal lobe, because no sane person I know would do that. (although I must admit, many of the people I know aren't sane)

1 comment:

  1. HEY! No stealing my little definition thing. Its my cliche. BTW the picture of all the blurred out naked dudes from Harvard...kinda disturbing.

    Love the blog anyway.