31 May 2009

Purple Turbans

HEY! Want to know where the largest collection of people over sixty in my town is? Hmmm... Let's see.. I KNOW! The writers workshops at the library! And want to know which thirteen-year-old was surrounded by said blue hairs at the writers workshop at the library on Saturday morning? Hmmm... Let's see... THAT'S RIGHT! ME. I was. And I totally should have known, you know, when I registered for this class, because they were kind of hesitant about letting a thirteen-year-old in the class. Of course, I thought by "adults" they meant cool artistic types in their twenties, thirties, and fourties - NOT people in their EIGHTIES writing HISTORICAL NOVELS ABOUT 1940S GIRL SCOUT CAMPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT THEY WENT TO!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Oh, goodness... I could've told you that!! I went last year!