10 February 2011

Blogs I Love

Diary of A Vintage Girl

I love this blog!! Her outfits are always so inspirational and amazing and I love the little tutorials she has on how to do forties hair. I also love her circle of friends and all of their "vintage" get-togethers!!

Another really awesome fashion blog. The stuff she wears is always giving me ideas for stuff to do with my own wardrobe. Plus, the photos are amazing! :D

This blog has everything... Recipes, fifty billion different kinds of craft projects, pictures of gravestones, and more. But what I really love are her journals. I make journals like these, too (I call mine scrapbooks, actually, but whatever) and I thought it was really awesome to find someone who did them, too, and get inspiration from hers. 

I must say, I'm a little biased, seeing as this is written by one my best friends, but I can honestly say I have laughed out loud at every single thing she's ever posted. 

I bought a tutu in freshman year, and I gotta into fashion after realizing I was too much of a coward to actually wear it to school. I stumbled upon this awesome blog, and was totally inspired by the ballsy outfits this girl even younger than I, Tavi Gevinson, wore. In short, I ended up wearing the tutu to school, found an awesome blog,  and totally got into the whole street style thing. 

Seriously. She drew these. Before I found this blog, I considered putting some of my own drawings up, and then I saw these, and realized how much my drawings resemble toddler scribbles. 

Another fashion blog that gives me tons of outfit inspiration! This blog and the Stylish Wanderer make me wish I lived in L.A. just so I could go to the Fairfax flea market they're always talking about... :D


  1. Thanks, my friend. Maybe someday I'll actually post again. :)