06 February 2011

We're looking for something dumb to do

Went to a cute place to eat last night. It's an old home that's been converted to a restaurant and it's only open when they have live music, which is about three or four times a week. It's usually some form of bluegrass or country.

They have stuff all over the walls and underneath the tabletops. It kind of reminds me of my room. 

(I did not take these pictures)
I love living in a small southern town where places like this exist. And where 90% of the population owns a guitar and a pair of cowboy boots. 

In other news, I went driving for the first time today in the mall parking lot with my mom. Let's just say her stomach's probably a little sore... :D


  1. The woman in the top picture is Mme Jordan, the BHS French teacher. She is really cool!

  2. Really!? The BHS french teacher works at Kimbro's? That's so cool!