29 January 2010

In which I randomly list things I enjoy

Harry Potter (It's just so... AAAGGGH... and I mean... AAAGGGHHH... And the writing is just... AAAGGGHHH)
Doc Martens (The most beautiful and comfortable combat boots on the face of the planet, which happen to go with everything I wear)
Rainy Days (Because you have a viable excuse to stay inside and sit on your ass all day, making random lists of things you like)
yellow (It's just the best color ever... and the title of a decent Coldplay song)
Tutus (I mean, seriously. Why don't more people wear tutus - they are the BEST CLOTHING ITEM EVER!)
Leo Tolstoy (ANNA KARENINA!!!!!!)
Gay People (I went out to dinner with my friend last night, and there was like this gay people sitting at the table next to us.. and they were wearing matching square-framed glasses and one of them had this giant hot pink scarf thing wrapped around his neck and spoken in the most feminine voice I have ever heard a male manage... and they were just SO ADORABLE!)
The Perks of Being a Wallflower (Every person on the face of the planet should read this book! I read it, and I cried the whole time - not because it was sad, but becase everything Charlie felt was just so...... TRUE.... and maybe I was PMSing, too, but it was a freaking GOOD book!)
Manhattan (Ah, Ah AAAAHHHH!! I wanna go there right now, and buy cupcakes at Jefferson Market and go the Alice in Wonderland statue in central park, and stare at the adorable gay couples walking around in Chelsea and eat a giant piece of pizza folded in half....)
G-2 pilot pens (I used to despise pens, because I just couldn't draw with them the way I could pencils.. but now... Oh NOW....)
Eleanor Roosevelt ("Do something every day that scares you")

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