08 February 2010

J-J-Johnny Weir!

So, the Winter Olympics are coming up on February 12th, and I am TOTALLY STOKED. I have to admit, the 2006 Olympics in Torino were rather disappointing... Sasha didn't win the gold, Kimmie Meissner made SIXTH place and Johnny Weir didn't even make the freakin PODIUM!It was an outrage! A Scandal! (Lily and James Potter killed in a car accident!?)

But this year... Ohhh, THIS year... Things shall be very different. I've pretty much completely given up on Sasha Cohen and Kimmie Meissner - I was really only mad about Kimmie Meissner, because she's not normally a very strong skater and she skated a completely EMACULATE program at Torino, but she hasn't really had a good performance since, so... bah. And Sasha just fell off the face of the planet after Torino. ANYWAYS, this year we've got this like whole new GENERATION of figure skaters... Rachel Hamlett, who came outta NOWHERE, let me tell you, and snatched up the US championships, Mirai Nagasu, who was fourteen when she won Nationals in 2008, and there's...

... J O H N N Y W E I R


  1. Wow... this guy is really good, and very... uh... interesting.

  2. Oh and I love your new background, by the way!