21 May 2010

When did "You're so skinny; you look like a stick" become a compliment?

Part of me understands why the fashion industry has come to idolize stick figures. Women were sick of being objectified for their bodies, so the voluptous, curvy form that men were so attracted to became moot, and women with no form at all were introduced, considered to be the new symbol for "women's power." I can understand that. But now we've come to a point where it's us women beating ourselves up about our bodies, not men.
When did this become appealing to us? Who decided that the "ideal" body should contain visible ribs and hip bones???
We don't have to be anorexic to look powerful. To me, a powerful woman is a woman who is strong and curvy and nourished. A powerful woman looks like my beautiful mom, or Marilyn Monroe, or Oprah. Powerful women can be happy with their bodies no matter how sizist the fashion industry gets. Call me a freak (:D) but that's what I believe.

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