01 June 2010

Swim Team

I suck at swimming. Theoretically, I know how to do all the strokes, but they never seem to look the way everyone else's do... but my strokes aren't even my main issue. ENDURANCE. THAT'S my issue. I joined a swim team in my old town outside Dallas, and I remember the coaches being like "400 free - go" the very first day, like it was nothing. And it WASN'T for any of the other kids there, but me, I was about to cough up a lung after one lap. I thought these days were long past me once I moved to Tennessee, but I decided to join the neighborhood swim team again this year, and alas, they persist. But what I find exceedingly amusing is that here, I'm NOT the only sucky person on the swim team, AND I'm three years older than I was then!!! On this new swim team, I found a communnity of varying age ranges and abilities, and they have actually created a designated "group" for those of us with, erm, lesser ability. I think it's absolutely terriffic - I think every sport in every town should have a designated league or team or unit especially for non-competitive people - that's what makes for a healthy lifestyle. You don't have to be great at a sport to enjoy it or burn calories from it. You just have to DO it. Yes, America?

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