08 December 2011

Misleading information

I read a post that I found quite inspirational on The Tomorrow Museum. She discusses the unreliability of essentially anything you can find on the internet. I found this interesting, because I've had a lot of experience with this recently, hearing the misinformation that people believe is true, because they're trusting the wrong sources, or because they accept what they hear without bothering to fact check. This issue especially concerns me when it comes to politics. The people of my generation are swayed so easily by what the rumors that come from the gossip mill, and this coupled with the fact that they're too lazy to actually verify anything, establishes a very dangerous precedent for when they become old enough to vote. I don't know how many people have told me, with complete sincerity, that they believe Obama shut down NASA, because rather than take the time to watch the readily available video, they elected to believe the false information they heard from their parents, other kids, or inaccurate, sensationalized news coverage.

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