05 May 2012

Like many other girls, I resolve to be more beautiful. It is one of my greatest desires to be gorgeous. But I know I won't get there by trying to lose weight, buying better clothes, or changing my hair. I will get there by, one step at a time, learning to be a better human being.
I want to learn to be a better listener, and truly care what other people have to say. 
I want to learn to be more positive and loving, because the most beautiful people I know are the ones who always make the best of things, love life, are grateful, and who seem to constantly wear smiles on their faces. 
I want to learn to go with the flow, accept other people's opinions, be more open to other's ideas, less demanding of perfection, less defensive, and more proactive. To me, these are things that amount to a gorgeous person. 
I want to learn to appreciate the goodness in every single person, even the people I think are mean or irritating. I want to see beauty in the things that make other people different from me. 
I want to learn to think before I speak. Let my words not seek to attract attention to myself, but give what little bits of wisdom I might actually have away for other people to learn from. 
I don't think our society has a very good idea of what true beauty is. I'm not just talking about how our models are stick figures who make normal women feel insecure about their bodies. I'm talking about how the photo shoots in magazines always portray women who take themselves too seriously, and are rarely wearing smiles on their faces. These photo shoots make all our idols look alike, and they seem to be trying to prove that they all look great in underwear. I feel that they rarely capture what truly make these people beautiful. 
Just my thoughts. :D

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