26 October 2010

Wizard Rock Concert

Got to see a wizard rock concert this weekend. I have to say it was pretty epic. I shared my excitement over this to my french class, and my french teacher was apalled at the concept that people wrote actual MUSIC about HARRY POTTER. She was all "really, Andie, you're willing to share that with the PUBLIC?" and went on to tell us this story about how she used to watch this reality TV show about people who were so obsessed with Jane Austen that they went to go live like the characters of the time period. (I fail to see how this correlates to my wizard rock concert in any way, but whatever)
Anyways, this "concert" was in someone's GRANDMOTHER'S LIVING ROOM. I'm serious. Like, we had to drive around in suburbs until we found this person's address, and her parents and her grandmother were, like, sitting in chairs in the kitchen behind us looking at us like we were, like, freaks, or something (where would they get that idea?)
My friend made this lovely analogy when we were driving there about a "Harry Potter sea". See, normal, non-harry-obsessed people are on land, far away from the sea. People who think they're harry potter fans are on life rafts floating on the top of the sea. My friend and I are hanging on to the life rafts, with our feet dangling in the water. But there are people at in VOLCANIC VENTS at the BOTTOM of this sea, and they're not coming up for air. People like that were at this concert. These kind of people actually are GROUPIES to these wizard rock bands, and like, FOLLOW the bands on their "tours".
A little creepy.
BUT, Justin Finch-Fletcley and the Sugar Quills, and The Whomping Willows were well worth being in the company of these slightly creepy albeit funny-ish-ly lovable people. I've had the "Dumbledore is Gay but that's OK" song stuck in my head ever since, and I was very excited to place my order for a Justin Finch-Fletchley t-shirt. :)

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