17 December 2010


Winter exams are finally over. I publish so inconsistently on this blog that it makes me laugh that I've had a post on winter exams each year, and that my first post ever was on semester exams (remember, with those pictures I put up of Harvard's primal scream that came up as 100% pornography on my friend's computer? yeah...).
You know, everyone told me that Junior year was gonna be tough, but nobody warned me about Sophomore year. And I think it's been pretty ridiculous. I haven't had the time to read a single book for pleasure since the school year started (I won't make the overly optimistic assumption that anyone actually noticed I haven't made any book review posts in the past six months, but I haven't). The first semester of Sophomore year has been pretty stressful, and I am SO happy that it's finally winter break. I'm a little disappointed with how my first semester has turned out, so I'll definitely be using Winter Break to do some restrategizing for the next semester.
Ah, screw that, I'll be PARTYING IN NYC, LOSERS!!!

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