24 December 2010


Christmas was (and is, as I feel I'm still experiencing it) simply wonderful this year. My family stayed at the Inn at Pocono Manor, a beautiful 1902 resort not five minutes from skiing (or in my case, painful attempts at snowboarding) at Camelback. I feel like I've been sucked into the resort world depicted in Dirty Dancing. Although I've seen many kids my age and younger, I've seen no avid texters or Nintendo DS players. Most of the families would congregate together in the many lounges of the hotel, talking and playing games. It was perfect. We drove up on thursday, after driving from Philadelphia and stopping at an adorable art deco diner in Allentown. On the way to the Inn, we passed many turn-of-the-century Summer homes. I told my parents I was going to have one, and they could come visit me in the Summers. They laughed, but I really wasn't kidding.
We ate dinner in the buffet at the hotel restuarant pretty much every night, which was delicious, but didn't vary much. I loved sitting down to a full table setting. It contributed to the being-taken-back-in-time feeling. My grandmother, of course, chatted up the hospitality manger every night, which provided much amusement.

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