02 January 2011

New York

If it were possible to marry a city, I would be married to New York. I'm in love with it. I plan on living there in a few years, and I can't wait. Being there makes me feel like I'm in the center of the universe, exposed to every idea and trend worth being exposed to. I love walking down the street and hearing and seeing people from so many cultures and walks of life. The diversity of New York City is something I think is unparalleled by any other setting. Anyways, I had a BLAST in New York with the fam. I went skating in Central Park,saw Jersey Boys on Broadway, went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, ate delicious pizza from John's Pizza (No Slices!) as well as the best BLT I've ever had in my life from a Deli somewhere on 8th avenue (I think...). Anyways, I had a blast, although the rest of the fam didn't seem to be having quite the blast as I. My sister was sick and got stuck in the hotel and my parents seemed to be tired. Oh well. New York is kinda my thing. It is my life partner.

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